About Me

My name's Patrick Thomson. I'm a senior engineer at GitHub on the Semantic Code team, where I use Haskell to build network services capable of analyzing and interpreting the corpus of the code on GitHub.

I've been programming since I was ten years old, and I've been a professional programmer since I was eighteen. (It's the only job I've ever had.) I started my career at Apple, where I worked on macOS (10.5 through 10.7) and the iWork suite; I left in 2014 to work for a series of startups, where I started writing Haskell professionally.

A brief list of things I find essential in life:

  • rap music
  • mechanical keyboards
  • cats
  • Emacs
  • parametric polymorphism

If you want to get in touch with me, you can tweet or DM me at @importantshock or email me at patrick.william.thomson@gmail.com. I enjoy hearing from people who've read my work. (No recruiting emails, please.)

The posts on this blog are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. I would ask that you refrain from republishing the unmodified text, instead linking to this blog; if you edit/change the text, feel free to publish it in the venue of your choice, as long as it complies with the text of the license.

This blog's domain name was coined by Andy Gross (1977-2018).